Triple Benefit Principle
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Triple Benefit Principle

“Triple Benefit Principle – Can We really Live in a Sustainable Way?” is a short film produced by Klaus Renoldner and Laura Skocek. Facing the facts of man-made climate change, it presents the possibility of a sustainable life style.



Based on his experiences, working as a physician in Latin America and a rural Austrian community, Klaus Renoldner developed the Triple Benefit Principle between 1996 and 2011 as an attempt to realize a sustainable and ecological lifestyle.

The three facets of the Triple Benefit Principle are: 1. living a low carbon lifestyle regarding housing, consumption and transport; 2. improving health through cycling at individual, local, and global scales; and 3. investing the financial savings from facet 1 in renewable energy generation.


2019 Green Screen – The Environmental Film Festival (Trinidad & Tobago)

2019 Handle Climate Change Film Festival (Shenzhen/China)

2019 Kraków International Green Film Festival (Cracow/Poland)

2019 Tulum World Environment Film Festival (Tulum/México)

2018 Screening & discussion Triple Benefit Principle (Main Library Vienna/Austria)




14 min. 40 sec.

Idea & Script

Klaus Renoldner

Directing, Editing, Camera & Animation

Laura Skocek


Christoph Gruber

Animation, Documentary