Schlagwort-Archive: surrealism

Woman Yelling at Waves

Reactive video sculpture
Year: 2015



A woman yelling unintelligible words into the sea.

A staircase.

An interruption of thought.


Performance documentary 2’55“ – camera by Christoph Gruber
Commercial break – 3 Videos à 12“

Materials: monitor, 2 plinths, Arduino UNO, MPR121 board, capacitance sensing staircase made of ITO plastic and cardboard, acrylic paint, tape, computer

Software: Arduino, vvvv


„Scenery is Dim“ Exhibition Setting @ Sím Gallery, 101 Reykjavik – April 2015


Mind Out!

Animated music video

Year: 2008

Duration: 3’30“

In collaboration with Jennifer Biechele

Produced for the 10th anniversary of the female:pressure network (featuring female artists in electronic music, visual and performing arts).


Music by Belgian musician Chez Debs
Starring actress Schirin Charlot & Potatozilla
Distributed by hardwax Berlin