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broadcast media sculptures

In 2009 participation at “Broadcast Media Sculptures“, an EU-project organised by Radio Orange 94.0 in collaboration with other stations in Amsterdam, Budapest, Sofia and London.



Residency at Radio 94.0: development of a radio program, video installations and a performance with Christine Schörkhuber, Marianna Tscharkwianni and Barbara Kaiser

The four artists were invited to develop an artwork dealing with the future of mass media. The approach was an intended reduction of stimuli and the main work consisted of three radio broadcasts titled: „Der Erhalt der Stille“ (engl.: The Preservation of Silence) where the emergency program of the radio station was tricked. As soon as there is no sound on air this mechanism will play music. The artists managed to preserve the silence and to stop it by producing minimal sounds at the onset of the program.
During the second broadcast „Die Utopie der Stille” (engl.: The Utopia of Silence) the possibilties of silence were discussed and during the third „Epochale Klänge“ (engl.: Epic Sounds) types of background noise were played that might have been perceived as silence (or rather not perceived) during specific epochs.

The first broadcast was repeated under the title “EngineNoSound” on Ö1 radio in 2012.


U4 from viablethings on Vimeo.