Laura Skocek

Laura Skocek, born 1984, has been working as a professional visual artist since she finished her diploma at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2009 (department: Digital Arts), and has participated in exhibitions in Austria and abroad. Her focus is on sculpture and installation, incorporating handcrafted and smart materials in her objects. She also works in video arts, documentary and animation.

The kinetic sculptures of Laura Skocek, a focus of her artistic practice, deal with elusive states of consciousness. She recorded her brain activity in a sleep lab and uses the measurements as basis for the movement of her sculptures. Quantifiability versus unpredictability are the main themes in her works, that combine silent kinetic mechanisms and hand-crafted materials. They emphasise the individuality of our ability to perceive and interpret, our cognitive fingerprints that are adapting constantly.

Recently, she participated in the Intersections symposium of the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, together with Christoph Gruber, presenting their interactive sound object „Forced Leisure“ during the Future Perfect exhibition in New London (US).

Drawing a lot of inspiration from residencies, Laura participated in the Rimbun Dahan residency in Malaysia (2017), in the Sím artist residency in Reykjavik, Iceland (March/April 2015) and in the Arteles residency in Haukijärvi, Finland (May 2015). In 2015, she also won the 20-seconds-for-art video competition commissioned by KÖR Vienna and Infoscreen with four fellow artists. She received a residency grant from the Land of Lower Austria to work on a set of sculptures in the Nida Art Colony, Lithuania in 2014 and took part at subnet AIR in Salzburg, focusing on new media art technologies and artistic research in 2013.

Laura is currently finishing her BA in Political Science and has worked on numerous video projects as a consultant for international organisations and on documentaries in collaboration with NGOs.

This website focuses on her personal artistic portfolio, for client works see her LinkedIn or Behance profile.

Photo by Christoph Gruber



Rimbun Dahan Residency – Kuang, Malaysia – February 2017
ARTELES Residency – Haukijärvi, Finland – May 2015
SÍM Residency – Reykjavik, Iceland- March/April 2015
AIR KremsNida Art Colony, Lithuania – March 2014
subnet AIR – Salzburg, Austria – September 2013


Exhibitions, Festivals & Screenings:


Future Perfect @ Intersections symposium (Hygienic Arts Gallery/New London/Connecticut/US)


Animation Screening & Cinema Vertigo @ Schmiede17 (Alte Saline/Hallein/Salzburg)
Shared Sight Film Festival (MATCA artspace/Cluj-Napoca/Romania)
Schmiedepolis (Kunstraum pro arte/Hallein/Austria)
Rooms of our Time (Salzburger Kunstverein/Salzburg/Austria)


Les Instants Videos (Marseille/France)
Fest Anča (Žilina/Slovakia)
Athens Digital Arts Festival (Athens/Greece)
Future Artifact Exhibition @ Creative Tech Week (Dose Projects Space/Brooklyn/NY/US)
Jacket Video Art Showcase (Crisp-Ellert Art Museum /St. Augustine/Florida/US)
Snap to Grid (LACDA – LA Center for Digital Arts/Los Angeles/US)


Schmiede READY (Alte Saline/Hallein/Salzburg)
Screening 20 seconds for art (k/halle/Vienna/Austria)
Landjäger Kürzestfilmfestspiele (Top Kino/Vienna/Austria)
ARTELES Live Review (Arteles/Haukijärvi/Finland)
Group Exhibition Scenery is Dim (Sím Gallery/Reykjavik/Iceland)
Screening: Rhizomnia Kunstfilmdreh (Rhiz/Vienna/Austria) – teaser / watch video
Group Exhibition OCEAN TV (Sím Gallery/Reykjavik/Iceland)
Übergang (44er Galerie/Leonding/Austria) – videodorfTV


Screening of Amnesty International short clips @ Briefmarathon (Write for Rights) (Designhub/Vienna)
Rhizomnia: Exhibition @ Kunstfilmdreh (Art Film Shoot) (Traisenau/Traismauer/Niederösterreich) – p3tv
Open Studio Day (Nida Art Colony/Lithuania)
kino5 – Screening of the Platform for Independent Filmmakers (Schikaneder/Vienna)
Klanghypothesen (Galerie Lehen/Salzburg)


Schmiede13 – Playground of Ideas (Alte Saline/Hallein/Salzburg)
Junge Kunst Parcours (Palais Kabelwerk/Vienna)
Killed Kitty (PENG/Mainz/Germany)
New Future (Museo di Palazzo Poggi/Bologna/Italy)


reconfigure(d) (Yppenplatz 9/Vienna)
World Event Young Artists (Lakeside Gallery/Nottingham/UK)
Festival oodaaq d’images poétiques – Carte Blanche (La galerie du 48/Rennes/France) – credited as bertha az-zahra


Sound:Frame Festival (Fluc Wanne/Vienna) – credited as boesebertha


Broadcast Media Sculptures: The Future of Old Media (WUK/Vienna)
Media Showcase: sentient (being) (Electric Avenue/quartier 21/MQ Vienna) – senfTVtext
Group Exhibition Dreamlike (Galerija FLU/Belgrade/Serbia)


Performance & Installation Broadcast Media Sculptures: Media Playgrounds (Radio 94.0/brut/Vienna) – radioshow
Group Exhibition The Essence 2009 (Expositur Vordere Zollamtstraße 3/Vienna)
Group Exhibition Alias in Wonderland (Freiraum/Museumsquartier/Vienna)
Group Exhibition Digital Traces (Expositur Vordere Zollamtstraße 3/Vienna)
Film Festival Tricky Women 2009 (Wien)


Screenings/Online Exhibition Feedback&Disaster: Sound Storiesfeedbackanddisaster.net
(Crossing Europe Film Festival/Linz, exhibition room Asifa Keil/MQ Vienna, Pudel Club/Hamburg et. al.) – credited as boeseberthavideo
DVD-Presentation & Screening MAK Night: female:pressure dvd1 (MAK Vienna/Elektro Gönner)
Screening & Live-Visuals female:pressure dvd1 Release-Party (flex/Vienna) – credited as boeseberthavideoarticle
DVD-Presentation „digital claiming“ Mobile Music Workshop 08 (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
Media Art Conference Art Tech Media (VIMCORSA/Filmoteca de Andalucía/Cordoba/Spain)
Media Art Festival Art Tech Media (Puerto de la Cruz/Tenerife/Spain)


Group Exhibition Paraflows UN SPACE (Contemporary Art Tower/MAK Vienna)
Video Screening HELIX (Galerija FLU/Belgrade/Serbia)
Group Exhibition (mis)used media (Department of Digital Arts/Sterngasse 13/Vienna) – article


Group Exhibition The Essence 2006 (MAK Vienna)
Multimedia Performance „Dispatch Me!“ @ The RealPlayer Seminar (Fluc/Vienna) – article
Group Exhibition Temporary Identities (Novosibirsk State Art Museum/Russia)


Screening Enter CENTROPE (WUK/Vienna)
Attitude video festival (Cultural Center Magaza/Bitola/Macedonia)
Visual Festival equaleyes 6 (Ovalhalle/MQ Vienna)
Group Exhibition Digitale Kunst (Freiraum/MQ Vienna)
Film Festival Shortmoves (Sachsen-Anhalt/Germany)


Grants, Scholarships & Commissions, Prizes:

Grant of the Federal Chancellery of Austria (BKA) for the participation at the exhibition Future Perfect, presenting selected works from Intersections symposium of the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology in New London, US – 2017
1 of 5 winners of the shortmovie competition 20 seconds for art issued by KÖR and Infoscreen, Vienna – 2015
Grant of the Land of Lower Austria for the realisation of the art installation „ephemeral patterns“ during an Artist-in-Residence stay at Nida Art Colony, Lithuania – 2014
Residency-grant of the Platform for New Media Arts and Experimental Technologies – Subnet in Salzburg, Austria – 2013
Grant of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (BMUKK) for the participation at the exhibition New Future in Bologna, Italy – 2013
Scholarship of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (BMUKK) for the participation at the  festival World Event Young Artists – 2012
Commission to realise the art installation „sentient (being)“ in the Media Showcase of the University of Applied Arts Vienna at MQ Vienna – 2010
Performance Scholarship of the University of Applied Arts Vienna – 2005


Publications (Selection):

ArticulAction Art Review. 2016.
Klanghypothesen. Salzburg, Austria, 2015.
Arteles Residency: „Arteles Catalogue. 2015 – 2014 – 2013“. Haukijärvi, Finland, 2015.
Nida Art Colony, Vilnius Academy of Arts: „Nida Art Colony Log – Techno-ecologies – The Sixth“. Neringa, Lithuania, 2015.
Allemandi & C., BJCEM aisbl: „Disorder“. Turin, Italy, 2012.
Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (BMUKK): „Oh Nottingham“. Vienna, 2012.
Ian Oxlade: „World Event Young Artists“. Nottingham, UK, 2012.
POR CHILE dvd (Citypulse), 2010. – video
EIKON – International Magazine for Photography and Media Art, Issue 67. Student Page. Text: Virgil Widrich, 2009.
female:pressure dvd 1 (Hardwax, Berlin. Trost, Vienna), 2008.
Exhibition catalogue „Paraflows UN SPACE“. edition mono/monochrom, 2007.
Peter Weibel; Thomas Fürstner et. al.: „(mis)used media: Exhibition catalogue“. University of Applied Arts Vienna, 2007.
Catalogue „re|sonance|network|futures|005“. Vienna, 2005.


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